Why You Should Accept a Life Less Predictable (via @donaldmiller)

Check this post out first from Storyline Blog:

WOW! Shauna’s post rings so true with me right now. When I was at Texas A&M in College Station, I sailed on Lake Bryan and Lake Somerville with the Texas A&M Sailing Club for 4 years. We were a non-profit organization that basically survived off of club dues and donated boats, of which my favorite was the infamous Nacra 6.1 catamaran. I absolutely loved the feeling of waking up on a Saturday morning, checking the wind speeds for the day and heading out to the lake with a group of friends to see how far and fast the wind would take us.

The wind is a funny animal though. I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I lost in the water, how many times I fell off the boat or how many times I capsized a boat (or at least will admit to). BUT, I can tell you how great the sport is when you learn to understand and trust the wind. The same thing goes for my relationship with God. Like Shauna, I’m a planner at heart, and historically, I have been accustomed to planning a chunk of my adult life out in detail and remaining “in control.” However, lately it’s felt like a season in my life where I give up control and see where God (a.k.a. the wind) takes me. Granted Stephanie and I are planning wedding, which this groom-zilla is loving, but we’re not trying to control where He takes us. It’s challenging and exciting all at the same time.

Food for thought… Where’s the wind taking you these days? Better yet, who’s the wind?


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