Obedience vs. Rebellion

I’ve been studying this devotional called “The Battle Plan for Prayer” that’s based off the movie, War Room. There was an excerpt from today’s study about obedience that was too good not to share…

Jesus is the definition of pure, agape love and wants nothing more than for us to love Him in return through a lifestyle of obedience. It’s like with our kids – some are obedient and some rebel. If you were God for a day, would you answer the prayer requests of your obedient child or the rebellious one? In the same vein, how could anyone call Jesus “Lord, Lord” if they’re not serious about doing what He says (Luke 6:46) and being obedient?

The logic couldn’t be any more clearer. And Jesus couldn’t have said it more plainly, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” (John 14:15). No one is saying we’re capable of always doing things perfect, but “to NOT follow Him with faith and submission while CLAIMING total allegiance is the same as saying our love for Him is a cup of lukewarm coffee at best.” And who really likes a cup of lukewarm coffee??

— Chris


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