About Us

Stephanie and I have always had a passion for serving others and actually met while serving on the CityChurch online ministry team.  Despite our friends’ best efforts to convince us to date, we avoided each other like the plague for about a year minus a few random encounters — all of which involved either rain or coffee. However, thanks to God’s perfect timing and prayer, we thought we’d give coffee at Starbucks a shot.  And since that night, we’ve been together ever since.

cropped-cropped-final-collage.pngOur lives and families joined on March 1, 2014 when we were married on land in the San Antonio hill country that will ultimately be where our home is built over the next year.  We have been blessed to see our two beautiful daughters, Delaney (8) and Averie (6), grow in their faith as Stephanie and I continue trying to seek God earnestly in everything we do.  We’re definitely still human and not perfect, but we feel it is part of God’s calling on our lives to invest in others, especially other parents.  That’s why we created this blog — to share what we’re reading or learning with others, get their insights, and join it all together.  Our biggest victory on this earth won’t be how we single-handedly had a fantastic relationship with God, but how we encouraged and supported each other in growing closer to God as one body of believers.

Chris & Stephanie Giddens
~ John 15:5 ~


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